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I write. I bleed my words on paper. From my heart from my soul, from my gut and groin --
I write. words sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes art, but never ever porn.
I write. I breath life into my characters, making them real. Tears flow, emotions tug, heart strings grow...
I write. with the depth of being, lives. jobs, loves, and hates. I made them real. So real...
I write. I bleed. So.... I write....




Catara - A Story of the Gefaradan

Cover for 'Catara - A Story of the Gefaradan'
By Lugh MacFey                   
Published: Oct. 09, 2012
Words: 24000 (approximate)
Language: English

It was supposed to be a simple shopping trip, just Math and his mother. However, nothing is ever simple for Danyl’s Idenk. Katu would do anything to avoid joining the temple, and has. Then an off-worlder shows up and the temple doesn't seem like such a bad choice after all.

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