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I write. I bleed my words on paper. From my heart from my soul, from my gut and groin --
I write. words sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes art, but never ever porn.
I write. I breath life into my characters, making them real. Tears flow, emotions tug, heart strings grow...
I write. with the depth of being, lives. jobs, loves, and hates. I made them real. So real...
I write. I bleed. So.... I write....


Obviously this page is under construction, but I wanted to give you a little sample. These are all on display at GayAuthors, along with many, many others.


available for download here

coming soon

Short Stories

Young Adult:

Confluent Dichotomy
Sometimes there is only one choice....

Drunk Enough
When Chord’s cousin pisses him off and strands him in Canada he wonders if he can get drunk enough to forget his problems -- apparently he can.

Heritage Heretic
Michael Thomas George, known as Trey by his friends, has to participate in his high school’s annual spring heritage carnival although he is very much against it, or he does not graduate. The morning of April 16th is bright and clear and all the tables are brightly decorated, except one…

Oidche Shamhna
A young man faces the consequences of a religous ritual and finds faith in places he never dreamed possible in this first person account of the last year in the life of a human sacrifice during pagan times.


Day-Glo Afterdark
Welcome to Vega-5, where every need and desire can be met, even if you don't know what they are yet. So unpack your bags and enjoy your stay, but remember, what happens on Vega-5, stays on Vega-5, unless the vid-bots broadcast it to the universe.

Rant and Rave
After alternative musician, Graves Emmuel arrives on Vega-5 for a much needed vacation, he discovers the universally popular party planet doesn't always live up to its slogan-- what happens on Vega-5 stays on Vega-5.


The Union of Darkness and Light
Some faery tales start with a kiss; some end with a kiss. They all take place in a perfect world. Well, if you don't count the wicked step-mother and the prince-eating dragon. This is my version of a modern faery tale. There are no wicked step-mothers nor prince-eating dragons, but not everything is exactly perfect either. And it all starts with a kiss...

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  1. I adore Lugh's writing and I've read all of those shorts/novelletes. Readers should definitely check them out!