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I write. words sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes art, but never ever porn.
I write. I breath life into my characters, making them real. Tears flow, emotions tug, heart strings grow...
I write. with the depth of being, lives. jobs, loves, and hates. I made them real. So real...
I write. I bleed. So.... I write....

Monday, October 22, 2012


I hate editing.

There I said it.  It is out there and on the web.  

There are lots of reasons I hate to edit, most of them have to do with the fact I write "thin" then have to thicken things up.  My first rewrite usually causes the manuscript to double in words.

Which brings me to the one I'm working on.   It's a Vega-5 story that will be coming to you sometime next quarter.  The first draft was only 11k words, the second draft -- 20k.  Now I'm on the final eleven pages of the final edit (gads please let this be the last one) and it's almost up to 24k.  Max allowed 25k.  There are 11 pages....

I hate editing. 

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  1. Everyone hates editing, but it's necessary. Keep going, don't lose momentum. That's all I can say!